After an understandable temporary reaction of fear, disarray, maybe anger, it is time to ponder, to reacquire lucidity and our clarity of mind.

It is essential not to be driven by our emotions and fall into the trap of binary thinking that leads to essentializations and deceitful feelings, and instead engage in an individual and collective process of self-examination and critical reflection.

It is crucial to avoid simplistic answers, in the search of an enemy or a scapegoat. In such difficult times, we must generate a discourse that goes at the roots and at the core of the problem, that reconciles ourselves with complexity, and that is nuanced, assertive, and clear.

Terrorist attacks in Europe and all over the world raise fundamental questions of international geopolitics, the growth of forms of institutionalized racism and discrimination, increasing socioeconomic inequalities, dogmatism, a generalized absence of meaning and moral values in our societies hollowed out by consumerism and materialism.

If the nature of the problems is global and multidimensional, the answers can only be holistic, and with the contribution of everybody; the challenges are enormous, but so is human capability for empathy, solidarity and compassion.


© Tommaso Segantini


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